Using a proved system, the VNPR LITE solution is so simple to install and use that we are confident you will not find an easier solution aimed at systems of up to 20 lanes. VNPR Lite provides a complete, ready to use back end solution for ANPR– including PC, capture cards, relay card, keyboard, mouse and all appropriate database software with full audit trail and password protection.

Reliability is a priority with VNPR Lite and when set-up the systems gives an extremely accurate recording of number plates that can be used to perform numerous tasks such as open barriers or gates, display text on an LED board, or alert Security staff etc.

The user can interrogate the database to search in a variety of ways, including by date, time, category, full or partial number plate or database field – this makes the VNPR Lite system extremely useful when looking back at incidents or seeing how many times a certain vehicle passed through.

Using the schedule software the user can set up a weekly schedule of times when vehicles are allowed onto site ensuring that out of hours access is not granted.

ANPR LPR VNPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Computer System S-COMM

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Language options
English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish and Spanish.

Number plate types
All known standardised.

Up to 20 lanes of traffic
Using 54 lane controllers and the central control server up to 20 lanes can be monitored and controlled from one point.

Best number plate recognition engine on the market
Long track record for performance and reliability.

Historical review of information
Search against times, plates, dates, lanes and categories. Present information as reports.

Output to (optional) LED signs
Message can be displayed on LED sign in response to plate reading.

Log of all traffic movements with images
Allows definite identification in the case of a dispute.

Car park control
Barriers can be controlled to only allow access to authorised persons.

Live monitoring of traffic flow with database links
PC compares plates to pre-loaded data base to either open barriers or sound alarms.

key features
ANPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Database Screen Shot

ANPR VNPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Vista Base Screen Shot
Models in this range

  • 0310350 VNPR111Le single lane controller
  • 0310360 VNPR211Le two lane controller
  • 0472600 VNPR311Le three lane controller
  • 0472610 VNPR411Le four lane controller
  • 0472680 VNPRSERVERLITE central control server (Up to 5 controllers)

PC Controller specification

  • Casing mid tower workstation
  • Processor i5 Intel 2800 2.8GHz
  • Memory 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Hard drive 250GB SATA HDD
  • Power 400W PSU
  • Optical drive DVD
  • Operating system Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit

Vista Lite software features

  • Vista Live – live viewing GUI
  • Vista Review – GUI for reviewing historical event and producing reports
  • Search by plate, data base info, date, time, lane, category
  • Analysis – traffic volume, speed (requires 2 lane), frequency
  • Customise main view – allows the GUI front ends to be customised to site requirements
  • Customise data base fields – allows the stored information to be customised to site requirements
  • Relay outputs for barriers and lights
  • LED output software module
  • Edit data base
  • Edit categories
  • Alarms – the system will give audible and visual alarms when an event occurs
  • Password protection
  • Audit trail
  • Alarm trail
  • RS232 text export – allows the system to be linked to third party control systems




S-COMM ANPR VNPR Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera

The S-COMM ANPR camera has been designed to accurately and reliably capture number plates for a variety of applications. The cameras, which can be used as stand alone units or in conjunction with the ANPR software, have an impressive 98% image capture rate for legal retro-reflective plates. The use of IR LED illumination means that there is no need for regular bulb changes. It also ensures that reliable images can be collected day and night, no matter what the lighting conditions.

The cameras have been cleverly designed to make installation as simple and quick as possible. Each unit comes completely pre-configured so that there are no complicated installation settings other than ensuring that the camera is pointing in the right direction.

All models come supplied with a wall or pole mount bracket.

Excellent performance
Camera and LED shuttering matched to provide 98% capture reliability for legal retro-reflective number plates.

Years of problem-free operation allows the operator to fit
and forget.

Complete range
Comprehensive range caters for vast majority of circumstances.

Aesthetic design
Modern, sleek design makes them suitable for wide variety
of applications.

Day/night overview camera
Guaranteed excellent picture quality, whatever the lighting conditions.

Factory preset
Units come pre-configured for quick and easy installation.

Tech Spec
Camera Spec
Camera Ranges 12m
Sensor Monochrome 1/3” CCD
Resolution 570TVL
Sensitivity 0.005Lux @ F1.2 3200K
Sensitivity >48db
Video Output 1Vp-p (75Ω)
Over View Camera Spec
Sensor Day/Night 1/3” CCD
Resolution 480/570TVL
Sensitivity 0.005Lux @ f1.2 3200K
Sensitivity 1Vp-p (75Ω)
LED type Surface mount LED
Wavelength 850nM
Operation Pulsed at 1000Hz to match shutter speed of camera
Voltage 12V DC max +/- 10%
PSU 100-240V AC PSU (sold separately)
Power Max 2.5 Amps
MTBF >150,000 hours
Max L (320mm) x W (175mm) x H (190mm)
Operating temperature -150C to +55OC
Operating humidity 20% to 90% RH
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